Steel Challenge Matches
Ben Lomand Gun Club has monthly Steel Challenge Matches
Matches are open to members, guests and non-member visitors of all ages (under 18 must be accompanied by parent). The match will be held the fourth Saturday of every month.
Steel Challenge Matches
MATCH IS:  Match ON (updated by/before 6:00am on match day).

SET-UP = 7:30, safety brief = 8:30shooting to begin shortly after, no later than 9:00 am.

GATE CODE: Non-members/match visitors please contact:

...with any questions.
Entry Fee:

$10.00 FIRST gun, $5.00 other(s)
$5.00 for the following (beginning 2015):

  • SET-UP (you are there within :15 of the conex doors opening)
  • 17 under
  • ACTIVE DUTY Police & Military

Shooting steel offers both new and experienced shooters the opportunity to be challenged, while providing instant gratification of connecting with targets (CLANG).

At this time we are not a fully sanctioned USPSA Steel Challenge, but are targeting that goal in the near future. We will run three strings of ALL eight official steel stages. Of your timed scores the top two will be retained (posted below by match “DATE”).

  • ANY pistol caliber firearm is acceptable for the steel match.
  • As per our club policy, the Steel Match is a “COLD” range – firearms are ONLY to be handled in safety area or under the command of a Range Safety Officer (RSO).
  • You must have an outside the waistband holster for your firearm, and magazine(s) to run all strings or the capacity to fire all three strings, you CANNOT leave the line to reload, .22 must be in bag.

For detailed information regarding disqualifications, scoring, and penalties please see the provisional document under “MATCH RULES AND CONDITIONS”.

If you are interested in becoming a Match RSO please ask an RSO how to participate.

Check-in ends at 8:55 to allow our volunteers to participate – thank you in advance for your understanding, and your participation!

Rimfire safety ruling confirmed:  Any firearm that begins a stage from the low ready shall require the shooter to start with the finger off the trigger. Said firearm may start with hammer cocked and, if applicable, with the safety off, bag it!
Scores can be found on Practiscore:

  1. Go to Practiscore website -
  2. Select View Scores
  3. Enter "BLGC Steel" in the search window
  4. Select the date of the match you want to view
  5. Select Combined to see all divisions


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