BLGC Scholarship

BLGC Scholarship Applicant Criteria

The youth applying for the scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • The parent or guardian of the applicant must be a current member who is not on probation.
  • The applicant must be 17-years-old or younger.

School Criteria

The Shooting class must be part of an organization that specializes in shooting education. The Board of Directors will determine if a class qualifies for the scholarship.

Application Process

To be considered for the scholarship, the applicant must do the following:

  • Provide a 1-page description of the applicant.
  • Provide a 1-page description of the school.
  • Application must be submitted 2 weeks before the Board of Directors meeting to the President or Vice President of the Board.

Applicant Selection Process

The Ben Lomond Gun Club board will evaluate each application, and will determine if the application meets the criteria to provide a scholarship. Once the applicant is confirmed to meet the criteria, the Board will determine if funds are available for the scholarship application. If there are enough funds, the Board will vote on how much money the applicant will receive as a scholarship. The max per applicant is the lesser of ½ the class cost or $500. The Board of Directors may use up to 2 Board Meetings to accept or reject the scholarship request.


The Ben Lomond Gun Club will allocate a fixed Total Scholarship amount into the budget.