Ben Lomond University

BEN LOMOND UNIVERSITY (BLU) is staffed by NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors.


They provide learning opportunities and Training Courses for BLGC members and also the general public.

BLU’s list of NRA Instructors

BLU offers the following NRA Training Courses:
-  First Steps Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Basic Rifle
-  Basic Shotgun
-  Basic Pistol
-  Basic Rifle
-  Personal Protection in the Home
-  Personal Protection Outside the Home
-  Home Firearm Safety
-  Range Safety Officer
-  Metallic Reloading Courses

NRA Instructor Courses are also available for the above listed Courses.
BLU offers more Advanced Courses for those that wish to Enhance and Further their Firearms Skills: (These are not NRA Courses.)


-  Out-of-Position Shooting
-  Advanced Colorado/Utah Concealed Carry
-  Advanced Street Tactics
-  Introduction to Force-on-Force (Airsoft Guns)
-  Force-on-Force (Airsoft Guns)
-  What If?? Home/Work Tactics (Airsoft Guns)
-  Urban Gunfighting
-  Low-Light Defensive Shooting
-  Out-Of-Position Shooting
-  AK47 Rifle Gunfighting
-  AR15 Rifle Gunfighting
-  Shotgun Gunfighting

Introductory Course on Purchasing a Firearm, and Accessories. (Shooting various Firearms)
Introductory course on Safety and Introduction to Defensive Shooting
Some issues must be addressed concerning women students as they face some problems that male students do not:BLU 1

Pants with belt loops are required for safe holster use. High-neck shirts are required to prevent brass from going down the front of the shirt, causing burns. Do not have metal/plastic adjustment buckles on the front of bra straps as these can cause injuries due to rifle or shotgun recoil. Hairstyle should be as to keep hair out of face and eyes, and allow the student to wear a brimmed hat. Jewelry should be kept at a minimum. Fingernails should be short as long fingernails make it difficult to operate a firearm.
Selection of Firearms, Holsters, etc., can be difficult for the new female student. The staff at BLGC BLU can offer assistance with this and provide shooting of different firearms before the student purchases one that will not meet her individual needs or expectations. Do not buy inferior Firearms or other inferior Gear. Buy the best Firearm and Gear that your individual budget will allow.

The 3 NRA Firearm safety rules:
ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.